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aka “Lexi” founder of Identity Crush Hair color bar + extensions, has worked in the beauty industry for over a decade. She has done it all from mens grooming to natural hair-care and  extensions. Alexis comes from a multi-cultural background working for commercial salon brands for over 5 years where she developed her skill in hair texture, cutting and color. Always being inspired by all things color she developed a special interest in achieving brilliant haircolor results while maintaining hair integrity.  Alexis decided to open her own salon studio where she could provide custom color and extension services. she did not stop there she also wanted to create a brand that focuses on consistent quality, education and diversity in all services/ products rendered.

We are committed to this consistency especially with our customer satisfaction. No matter whether you are coming in for routine maintenance on your natural hair or indulging in our luxury extensions, we want to display appreciation by catering to your needs and exceeding your expectations. After all you could go anywhere but you chose us and we are grateful.

Here at IdentityCrush Hair we pride ourselves on quality and luxury in doing so we offer raw  hair extensions sourced from the temples of India. Our Hair undergoes strict donating guidelines to ensure purity consistently. We offer 7 natural textures as well as custom color matching and installation services. 

“In a world where the possibilities to create your “signature look” are endless”…

~what’s your identity?